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Not a single keyframe of animation was set in the making of the title and was created by tweaking and bending the alignment knobs of a vintage tv.

Not a single keyframe of animation was set while making the title and graphic cards for the new Watergate series "Gaslit" on Starz. Instead, I shot it using a vintage Montgomery Ward "Airline" Portable Television, an iPhone, and a patchwork of cables and converters in my basement, spending a few nights tweaking and bending the alignment knobs to get the right feeling. Each episode's title card is a uniquely edited piece of the visual experiment that adapts and changes to the show's cold open and tone of music.

Working alongside Directors Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore of Plains of Yonder, I helped capture the show's themes with a wild experiment in authenticity – uncovering the original analog CBS News "Chyron" typeface and using it to create various graphic information cards that live within the show.

The result is a genuinely analog main title and show package, created through technology invented 50 years apart. The beautifully un-digital, twitching, living abstractions are never-the-same-twice, making an apt metaphor for a society determined to bend the truth.  

  • Film
  • Motion Design
  • Type Manipulation
  • Vintage Television Engineer


Design Lead, Animator, and Vintage Television Workshop® Senior Engineer:
Anthony Vitagliano

Main Title Concept & Direction:
Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore

Series Creator:
Robie Pickering & Amelia Gray

Series Producer:
Gregg Tilson


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