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Pioneer Zephyr
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Pioneer Zephyr

Pioneer Zephyr

A train that would reinvent travel and spark a new era of modern, streamlined design.

There's something about a train, but there's really something about this train. Located in the entry hall of the world renonowed Museum of Science and Industry, the Pioneer Zephyr welcomes guests and primes them for their museum experience. As a bookend of the guest's journey, the 1.9 million dollar renewal presented the classic, yet futuristic train as an audacious, shiny vision of the future, a breakthrough example of advanced technology and a chance to dream beyond the Great Depression.

  • Exhibition Design Direction


Museum of Science and Industry

VP of Exhibitions:
Anthony Vitagliano

Creative Lead
John Llewllyn

Project Manager:
Shera Street

Design Director
Angela Williams

Collections Team
Margaret Schlesinger, Schuyler Maehl, Voula Saridakis

Visual Experience Designer
Zack Stuckmann

Exhibition Designer
Casson Mann

Media and Interactive
ISO Design


Lighting Design


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