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Rose. Rabbit. Lie.
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Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

A club that vaults guests from 1920 to 2029, by blending the classic past with the not-yet-here future.

A night at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. is an experience that is never the same twice. Anchored around the concept of “A Grand Social Experiment," the imagination and social participation of every guest is an integral part of the experience. The narrative for the club vaults guests from 1920 to 2019, by blending the classic past with the not-yet-here future. The Cosmopolitan lead the charge with help from myself and the team at Digital Kitchen to nurture this unique sensibility from concept to completion of the club. Together, we created a name, identity and marketing campaign geared toward each customer’s unique experience and imagination

  • Concept
  • Naming
  • Experience Design
  • Interior consulting
  • Art installations
  • Brand narrative
  • Brand tone film
  • Logo and collateral
  • Digital marketing
  • Traditional Advertising / TV Spots

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Executive Creative Director
Anthony Vitagliano

Head of Creative
Mark Bashore

Head of Production
Colin Davis

Thomas Nicholas, Koji Minami

3D Design
Chad Ashley

Installations and Creative Technology
Ben Chakyin

Managing Director/Exec Producer
Jeff Brecker

Colin Davis, Bhu Bains


Show Control
Smart Monkeys, Inc.

  • Stone Cold Stunner - Eater Awards Las Vegas
  • Top 100 Hot Spots in America - Open Table


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