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west elm Hotels
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west elm Hotels

west elm Hotels

Bringing furniture and home goods retailer west elm into the hospitality realm with the brand launch of a new line of hotels.

Furniture and home goods retailer west elm enlisted Digital Kitchen to bring its philosophy of “design to impact everyday life at home, at work, and away” into the hospitality realm with the brand launch of a new line of hotels. Working collaboratively with west elm and DDK, we developed positioning that helped codify the west elm Hotels brand identity. This led to a tone video and website that brought the west elm Hotels experience to life, showing potential investors the enormous opportunity for west elm’s unique blend of wholehearted hospitality and high-end design

  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Purpose
  • Manifesto Film
  • Guest Experience Concepts
  • Investor Website
  • Fundraising Materials

west elm

Executive Creative Director:
Anthony Vitagliano

Creative Director
Kelly Dorsey

Marton Harsanyi

Account Directors
Kendall Shearer, Ally Malloy

Executive Producer
Colin Davis

Camille Durand

Website Development and Design
JT Helms, Matt Cowen

Matt Cowen


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